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Grooming & Style >> 10 Things That Put Off Women

10 Things That Put Off Women

Often, we always thought to ourselves what must we do or say in order to attract women. Seldom have we thought of the other way round. What must we men abstain from doing or say in order not to leave a bad impression or simply turns off the women.
There are simply way too many things that we should not do or say at different circumstances with different women so as not to put off the women. So there is no cut-throat guidebook to follow closely to what you are supposed to do or not to do.  Still, I like to share my two cents worth of knowledge where I had compiled a list of 10 things that men should generally avoid doing in order not to shun off the women.
The list is as follows: Enjoy :)
Starting with the less severe issue.

1. Be Yourself Men, don’t fake anything.

Women like men that are sincere and true. Do not try to be somebody else just so that you can impress your date. For instance, do not try to fake an accent. If you are a Chinese, do not try to speak like you have a Caucasian accent. If you do not speak like you normally do, it can be detected and heard easily and that men, is a complete turnoff for some women. Some men sometimes put on a façade to impress the women. Many times without their knowledge, it backfired.  Do not try to act cool, act handsome, act smart or be proud. If you are hot, you are. There is really no need to act out. Men who assume that they are super hot are half fugly the time.  Women like men that are humble and modest.

2. Egocentric Men

When out on a date, it is good to start a conversation by introducing yourself to the women and talking a bit about yourself. And I mean a bit. Do not be overly immensely carried away and babble about yourselves non-stop about your childhood experiences, your achievements, your successes, your family blah blah blah. Since it is a conversation, give the women an opportunity to speak and give yourself a chance to listen while resting your mouth. Many men got carried away during a conversation with a women and talks about himself non-stop. Do bear in mind many women would associate this trait with egocentric men and certainly, you do not want to leave that impression on the women you like.

3. Wear the clothes, not the clothes wear you

This is extremely important to know how to dress yourself well and properly. For instance, if you know that you do not have a nice physique, hide those flaws through the clothes and not flaunt your imperfections. Men with excessive cellulite in the armpit region should at all times avoid wearing sleeveless. You certainly do not want the women to see that. Avoid wearing clothes that are either too small or too big for you. Men with huge thighs should avoid wearing tight shorts. You only accentuate the huge thigh you have in that and that turns off women. And men with small physique should avoid wearing clothes that are too large for your body. You only appear to look like a kid who has stolen your dad clothes.


4. Oral Hygiene

It is a complete turn-off even for men themselves to have to speak with someone at such close proximity and to smell the garlic that lingers from the afternoon chicken rice lunch.
Please men, if you are aware that you do have a problem of bad breath, do something about it. If you are unsure if you have a bad breath problem, here’s a simple test to take:
Simply cover your mouth and nose with your palm and blows out your breath. If you smell something unpleasant, it only shows you have bad breath too. Most of the population has this bad breath problem. It is caused by several factors, namely lack of sleep, late nights, heatiness, stress and lack of oral hygiene. Do get yourself a packet of sweets or mints whenever you are on the go. Always pop in a few mints before opening your mouth. Alternatively, you can opt for breath freshener spray which is readily available in the market. Use it before you speak. And do try to always rinse your mouth after every meal. This ensures that you remove decomposed crumps of food that are stuck in your teeth that cause bad breath. With that, you should be good to speak now.

5. Sneezing without tissue or handkerchief?

Always carry with you a packet of tissue paper. You never know when you need it. I personally feel that carrying a packet of tissue paper is much better than using handkerchief. If you were to blow your nose, at least you do not keep the mucus, gems and bacteria in your pocket for several hours while using tissue paper allows you to dispose it easily. Many men have been seen scrapping their face, neck and hands dirt with Ez-link cards. That is completely disgusting and it definitely turns off a women. So use the tissue paper if you need. A card is not a substitute for dirt cleaning. Remember that.

6. No long nails please.

Some men are seen keeping long nails on their little finger. And often the women ask why. To prick their nose dirt and ears dirt of course. So now we all know. The nails are often dirty grey and yellowish. It goes to show how dirty that man is. No long nails please.

7. Men on makeup?

We all know male celebrities have to don on some makeup so that they would look good in front of the camera. But if you are not a star, please avoid putting on makeup. However, using concealer to hide the zits or blemishes is perfectly fine. Imagine the agony a woman have to go through when she dates a man who dons on more makeup that herself. No matter how big your biceps are, there is no way men will look masculine in makeup. If you are out to impress a woman and get a date, then refrain from putting on makeup.

8. "Gold" Diggers

Let’s face it. Gold diggers exist in all of us. Apparently, it seems that seeing someone else does it put us off when we ourselves are guilty of this sin. Of course we got to dig it at times, but definitely not at a public place. Gold diggers are a complete turn-off when they display it publicly. Many times when I was on board the train, some men just fail to control their desires to go for a dig. Can you imagine the person sitting next to him? Digging the shit out of their nose and smear it on the walls, chairs and everywhere possible. You really don’t know if you could be leaning or sitting on them. LOL.

9. MCPs men?

We all know MCP stands for Male Chauvinist Pigs. It could be a little frustrating at times. We need the Ego to impress a woman, and the very same ego could also put them off. The key to this is to use our Men Ego in moderation. We men are supposed to make decisions but simultaneously we should open ourselves to suggestions. Women yearn for men that are able to compromise and not have the final say all the time.

10. BO men

A man who does not bathe for days or watch their personal hygiene is a complete turn-off.  Men who actively engage in strenuous sports and who tend to sweat a load should really pay close attention to their body odour. I had a personal experience of having to sit beside a sweaty man who exudes an aura of odour on the train. He was about to make me puke and throw out. I had no choice but to give up my seat. Men should watch your personal hygiene and if you know you are the kind that sweats a lot, always prepare a new set of clothes to change after the exercise or sport. Alternatively use deodorant spray after every activity. And bathe regularly (at least twice a day) to keep yourself as well as people around you fresh.

Author: J.G
Copyright © 2008


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