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Diet & Health >> 8 Quick Ways To A Better You

8 Quick Ways To A Better You

Read up on how to improve yourself in just 8 simple quick ways, it can be challenging for some men to follow but when you think of your health and image as your priorities, these 8 quick ways to dramatically better yourself becomes easy.

1. Stop Smoking

It causes premature lines around the eyes and lips. Smoke also restricts oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin, depleting the vitamin C vital for collagen production.

2. Cut Back On Alcohol

Red Wine in moderation can benefit your health but constantly finishing the bottle won’t. Alcohol is sugar; it also dehydrates and dilates blood capillaries.

3. Change You Diet Forever

Maintain that increase in ‘coloured’ fruit and vegetables – all high in the antioxidants which protect from ageing – and cut right down on junk food.

4. Avoid Margarine, Fried Foods And Sugar

Margarine, a hydrogenated fat, blocks the body ability to use skin-boosting EFAs. EFAs are essential fatty acids that play a vital part in softening and smoothing skin texture. Fried foods clog the skin’s pores. And sugar interferes with the absorption of skin-enhancing minerals such as zinc, magnesium and calcium.


5. Cut Down On Caffeine

It inhibits the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

6. Pump Up On Supplements

Evening primrose oil contains gamma-liolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that helps to boost the moisture content of your skin. If you have poor skin condition, it is advisable to pump up on vitamin E since it helps repair and improves your skin.

7. Drink More Water

The more you can keep within your skin the better.

8. Limit Your Sun Exposure

Sun alone is responsible for around 80 percent of skin ageing, protect your skin from UV rays, whether it’s cloudy or sunny. Let your body be in the sun, sure, but keep your face out. If you like a tanned face, fake it. If you wear foundation, good. It acts as a great daily sunblock because the tiny powder particles are light reflecting and made from the same material (either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) as the physical sunscreen in your suncream. By protecting your skin daily with sunscreen, you are helping your skin to repair and regenreate itself naturally.

Author: Joel Guo
Copyright © 2008


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