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Intellect >> Are You As Old As You Look?

Are You As Old As You Look?

Some men tend to look older than their age. Why you might start asking. Sometimes it could be due to the nature of their lifestyles, work, the environment, their personality (if it is Type A, B or C) and most importantly, their outlook and attitude towards life. With the correct mindset and attitude towards life, you can even survive in the harshest conditions of life still looking young and rejuvenated. Stressors are part and parcel of our lives, learn to cope and manage them efficiently. If not, they will start showing up all over your body and face. Certainly, you do not wish to look like a 40 year old man when you are actually only in your mid-30s. Learn to groom yourself well from head to toe and be optimistic about life. In time, you will exude the radiance, vitality and youthfulness in your skin and complexion. No one is able to fight ageing since it is a natural process in itself, however we can certainly slow ageing and minimise its tow on us.


If you want to measure your rate of ageing (or unageing), you can ask your doctor to perform tests using biomarkers of health and ageing. Find a sympathetic doctor who knows about your nutrition and ask them to measure your ‘before’ and ‘after ‘cholesterol levels, blood pressure, immune status, vital lung capacity and fating blood sugar level.

At home, you can try the Static Balance test. Stand on one leg, shut your eyes and see how long it takes before you lose balance. If you are twenty or younger you should be able to stand for any length of time; if you are forty, around twenty-five seconds; if you are fifty, about ten seconds, and not at all if you are eighty. Don’t worry, however, if you fall over straight away. The test is not perfect, and other variables, such as fitness and practise, will affect the outcome.

Author: Joel Guo
Copyright © 2008


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