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Fruits And Vegetable Juices

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I always like to have a well-balanced diet, as much as I could. To me, a balanced diet never fails to encompass a glass of freshly make fruit-vegetable juice. In this article, I would like to share the various kind of fruit-vegetable juices I had drank and how they are beneficial to our body system.

Apple Juice can conventionally be a juice to treat problems like Arthritis, indigestion and rheumatism. It can also be used as a source for weight loss, cleansing the intestines toxins and to enhance our skin complexion. Apples contain a rich source of vitamin A, C, B-1, 2 & 6, Iron and Silicon.

Cucumber Juice is conventionally used to treat acne problems, eczema, hair loss, arthritis, high blood pressure and kidney problems. It has a good source of vitamin A, silicon, chlorophyll, sodium, potassium, sulphur and manganese.

To reap the benefits of both juices, we just have to mix them together. However, not all fruit and vegetables juices can be combined without giving a person diarrhoea or bowel problems. So do take note of the fruits and vegetables you mix to form the juice.

I highly recommend drinking apple + cucumber juice. It has been proven that apple + cucumber juice is a great drink for detoxifying our body system. That is 1 of my favourite juice and till today, I am still drinking it daily. The first time I drank it, I felt its effect within 10 minutes. The next thing I knew was It was coming. I got to rush to the Gents and indeed, that juice helps to clear my bowel really well. I got to bid farewell to my constipation problem and the load which I let out stink incredibly. As the effects experience by the individual varies accordingly, you may not feel its effect as quickly. Still, that is definitely a great juice to for you to stay healthy.


Orange juice is traditionally used to treat Anemia, constipation, indigestion, skin problems and helps with weight loss and strengthening blood vessels. Orange juice has a good source of calcium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B-1, 2, & 6, vitamin C, K, E and copper. However please take note that citrus fruits, when consume in excess can leech calcium from the body.†You can either engage in some activities or exercise after having a citrus fruit juice.

Carrot juice is used to treat acne, asthma, cancer, eye problems, arthritis, liver, skin, bladder problems, ulcers, hay fever and help with weight loss. Carrot juice contains a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B, C, D, E, K and potassium. Carrot juice when drink in excess turns a personís skin yellowish orange. If this occurs, it is a sign that the carrot juice is making your liver work. When your liver works, it releases toxins thus causing your skin to turn yellowish orange. Just simply reduce the intake of this carrot juice or dilute the juice with water to return back to normal again.

I personally take orange + carrot juice. I like to mix both of these together since they complement each other really well. By mixing both fruits, I am able to reap the nutrients, minerals and vitamins the other lack. They are similar in colour and taste great together. Do give it a try as a start to your healthy regime.

For those with sweet tooths, I am sure you would not want to miss out on banana + strawberry smoothie. And I mean it, smoothie. As banana makes the juice rather thick, it tends to become a smoothie rather than a juice. The combination of banana + strawberry is really a great way to kickstart the habit of drinking healthy especially so for children when they like their juice to taste sweet.

Other juices that are also healthy which you can also try are Celery juice, tomato juice (only for those who loves tomatoes) and watermelon juice. Celery is good for insomnia, fluid retention, nervous problems, asthma, constipation, kidney, liver and lung problems. Tomato is good for bladder, kidney, liver and skin problems. It helps in weight loss too. Watermelon is beneficial for bladder problems, constipation, kidney and skin disorders. It is also a digestive tonic.

The above list of fruits-vegetables juices are those that I personally drank. Of course the list goes on and there are many kinds of fruit-vegetables combination you can go for. Just be careful with your selection and the worst that could happen is just diarrhoea. LOL. For those people with kidney problems, please avoid juices made from vegetables such as spinach, beets, collard greens and vegetables high in oxalic acid.

Do remember that drinking fruit-vegetable juice is not a cure for all illnesses. It is just a part of a well-balanced diet to a healthy lifestyle. A great tip to take note is to always wash your fruits and vegetables before making them into juice. And keeping them chill in the fridge definitely enhances the graving for it. When juicing, pulps are created. You should add some of the pulps back into your juice to get the fibre. The amount of pulp you add depends on your own preference. Now you are all ready to try out the juices I had recommended and enjoy.

Author: Joel Guo
Copyright © 2008


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