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Grooming & Style >> How Frequent Should Men Return For Eyebrows Trimming

How Frequent Should Men Return For Eyebrows Trimming?

Congratulations to the men who heeded my advice of having their eyebrows trimmed. For those first timers, I really hope that you like how you look now. Donít you realize you somehow look more fresh and neat with the eyebrows trimmed?†You may still find it hard to come to terms with the new look but rest assured that with time, you will embrace and love your new look. If not, it only goes to show that the eyebrows trimmer/plucker did not do a great job.

For those first time readers of this article, this is actually a follow-up article from the previous article: Should Men Trim Their Eyebrows? You may like to read this previous article before continuing on this current one.

Ok men, now that you had your newly-shaped brows. The next question you might ask is so when should be the next visit to the salon to get your brows shaped/trimmed/plucked again. My answer to this is you donít have to go again and I mean it. Simply visit the nearest supermarket and get yourself a tweezers, eyebrows scissors and brows razor. Basically, these are the 3 items you need. On average, your eyebrows sprout a little every 3-4 days.†With your newly-purchased items, you can learn how to remove those sprouts by yourself. By making it a habit to look into the mirror at least once a week to remove those out-of-shape sprout brows, you could actually maintain that eyebrow shape for as long as you consistently do it. Some might ponder about the length of the brows, which my simple advice to you is to simply trim off the excess length of the brows ONLY when it grows out of the shape to your brows. Based on my personal experience, I do not really have to trim off the excess length of my brows. And it has been years since I last visited the salon to have my eyebrows trimmed. Ever since I believe that I got the eyebrows shape that best suits my face shape, I stop visiting any salon and I maintain the eyebrows shape by myself. Below list the reasons why doing it yourself is simply better.


1) One good reason of doing so is that I could save up on the money when I know that I could do it myself.

2) It has been proven that, in weeks or months to come when you re-visit the salon to get your brows trimmed, chances that you will not get back the desired brows shape even if it is trimmed by the same professional person.

3) By maintaining the eyebrows shape yourself, you have TOTAL CONTROL over how you want your brows to look. Not too arch/not too fine etc. And if you actually do not really like that current eyebrows shape of yours, by doing it yourself, you can decide on the shape of the brows you want.

4) For those with a small threshold for pain, doing it yourself is simply better. You could trim and shape a little today and continue doing it again over the next few days as long as you could still go out and face people without an obvious asymmetrical brows.

Below shows the guide to trim/shape/maintain your brows:

1) Determine where you want your brows growth and where you do not.

2) Leave the region alone where you want your eyebrows to be or grow.

3) Do take note that eye brows grow and sprout both above and below your desired eyebrows shape. Many times, people remove the below growth and forgot about the above shape growth.

4) To shave off the excess brows growth, place your index or middle finger of 1 hand on your eyebrows. The other hand allows you to shave off the below brows shape growth.†Alternatively, you can create a white line just below your eyebrows shape. With this white line, the razor can be controlled easily so that you only remove the brows that you want. Repeat the above method to remove the excess brows growth above your eyebrows shape.

5) One way to shave less frequently is to use tweezers to pluck out the brows instead of having to shave them off. This involves a bit of pain but many people including myself opt for this method. Using tweezers to pluck out the brows removes them from the root. The brows will take a much longer time to sprout back.

Author: Joel Guo
Copyright © 2008


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