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Diet & Health >> Ideas To Quit Smoking

Ideas To Quit Smoking

Ideas To Quit Smoking

1. Reduce the intake of other addictive substance, such as caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, all of which can raise the desire to smoke.

2. Get someone to support your move such as another smoker to stop with you or, even better, get an ex-smoker to support you while you quit smoking.

3. Tell empathetic friends or family and seek support from them - go public with your plan to stop.

4. Keep yourself occupied to prevent boredom and to keep your mind off smoking.

5. Exercise regularly to decrease withdrawal, increase motivation, and increase relaxation. Include your favourite aerobic sport and try to do it outdoors.

6. If you do not like to exercise, alternatively you can try taking yoga lessons, swimming, or low-impact aerobics.

7. Rewards and praise yourself for being successful and implement them daily.

8. Get adequate rest


9. Drink fluids and use water for therapy by taking showers, baths, saunas, or hot tubs, or by going swimming.

10. Change your lifestyle routines to avoid stimulating old smoking conditioning. This may include staying away from bars, alcohol, and coffee, stay away from friends who smoke, not receiving or making phone calls at specific locations in which you usually smoked, and getting up and doing something right after a meal.

11. Master and adopt relaxation and breathing techniques.

12. Learn visualization

13. Keep a positive outlook towards health and life.

14. Get health treatments, such as massage or teeth cleaning to remove cigarette stains.

15. Find temporary oral substitutes to deal with psychological ties to smoking. Oral fixation substitutes could include munchies such as vegetable sticks (carrot, celery, zucchini), apples, nuts, popcorn, sunflower seeds (unsalted) in shells, sugarless hard candies or non-edible substitutes such as gum; or chewing or sucking on ice cubes, toothpicks, licorice sticks, or drinking straws.

16. If your cravings return, find ways to cope: Take a short break, a stroll, a shower, drink tea, or do things with your hands, such as sketching or doddling, working a crossword puzzle, or making a shopping list. Breathe and relax, and be thankful you are not smoking.

17. Think of all the harmful diseases associated with smoking and nicotine addiction. Some of which are lung, throat, mouth and gum cancer. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. If these pictures you have seen embedded in cigarette packs do not deter you from smoking, then you should seriously consider seeking a professional for help and discuss your smoking habits with him.

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