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Grooming & Style >> Know Your Skin Basics

Know Your Skin Basics

How to look good? Men, unlike women, do not need to don on makeup to feel and look their best. All they need is to know the skincare basics and learn how to take care of their own skin. This aim is simple, you are going to improve your skin and delay the effects of ageing. Because if there is one thing that will make you look and feel like a new you. Itís softer, smoother skin. When your skin looks good, you radiate health and vitality. And before you say wrinkles are wrinkles and you canít turn back the clock. Itís worth considering that perceptions of skin quality owe more to texture and tone than line and wrinkle.

Why Does Your Skin Age?

Young skin is plump, vibrant and renews itself every 21 days without help. But beyond even age 25, you need to fool it into acting young again. Everything slows down. Lesser oil is produced so skin feels drier. Cell renewal takes longer so skin becomes dull, uneven and starts to let crucial amounts of moisture sneak out. And then, in time, under the consistent assault of ultraviolet (UV) rays and the elements, your springy skin becomes slack, thin and crepey.


Ageing Is A Choice We Make

If you protect your skin everyday and boost its natural renewal process, you can encourage dead skin cells to fall off more quickly, making way for fresh new cells, and thatís what keeps your skin looking vibrant. Only 20 percent of lines are certain, the rest is down to the way you live your life.

Fight Your Enemies Within And Without

Sitting in front of VDUs for hours on end, copious cups of coffee and sugary snacks, eating on the run, coupled with the stress and pace of life Ė all attack our skin from the inside. Then there are the external threats indoors, its central heating and air conditioning which quickly dehydrate skin leaving it super Ėsensitive. Go outside and , whatever the weather, exposure to UVA rays 365 days of the year further dehydrates skin and causes free-radical damage deep down, which in turn leads to premature ageing. And, thereís atmospheric pollution Ė smoke and traffic fumes. You are exposed to it ALL.

Find Out Your Skin Type:

Sensitive Skin

It is fine and translucent, and easily develops early fine lines and spider veins. Itís quick to become irritated by perfume, active skincare ingredients, allergens such as lanolin, pollutants and poor care, resulting in redness and itchiness.
Remedy: Use gentle fragrance-, alcohol- and lanolin-free products where possible. Stick to plant oils and avoid products containing petrochemicals or other synthetic ingredients. Restrict face scrubs to once every 2 -3 weeks. Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, high in levels of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Dry Skin

It is fine and has a close texture. It may feel tight, flaky and easily develops fine lines and early wrinkles, or may simply be more mature. It needs good protection against all weathers.
Remedy: Avoid soap and use gentle , creamy cleanser, alcohol-free toners, moisturizing cream and broad-spectrum sun protection. Always use a night cream and a moisturizing face mask.

Normal Skin

it is near perfect. Itís soft, finely textured and apparently poreless. It doesnít dry, flake, becomes oily or spotty. But itís hard to keep it that way.
Remedy: Use gentle products on a regular basis to maintain skin texture and protect from UV with a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Combination Skin

it is the most common type. The classic T-zone Ė forehead, nose and chin Ė is shiny, while the skin around the eyes, cheeks and neck is dry. There are more sebaceous glands in the T-zone than on other parts of the face and itís this concentration of over-active glands that is the cause of that oily zone.
Remedy: Use products for oily skin only on the T. Cleanse all over and then concentrate moisturizer on the cheeks. Once a week, focus your face scrub on the T-zone, and use a gentle face mask for all-over cleansing. Donít forget the broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Oily Skin

it looks shiny and is prone to spots and blemishes. Itís due to high levels of testosterone which increase oil production or sebum in the skin. The skin has a thicker texture and may have enlarged and blocked pores with a tendency to become blackheads.
Remedy: Use gentle cleansing is paramount. Over zealous cleansing stimulates the oil glands to produce even more oil and leaves skin open to infection. And that can lead to Ďproblem skiní. Choose a mild pH-balanced soap or cleanser (wash-off is better), toner and oil-free moisturizer. Use a face scrub once a week, along with a deep-cleansing mask and a facial steam. Even oily skin needs broad-spectrum sun protection.

If you donít understand your own skin type, how can you determine which products to use? So learn how to assess your own skin, and remember skin changes through the years Ė just as your environment, life and health change over time.

Author: Joel Guo
Copyright © 2008


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