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Learn To Read Your Face

Men should learn how to read their face. As the saying goes, “Every life event is written on your face”. Using face mapping, one of the traditional Chinese medicine’s Ancient Arts, they study the skin in different zone of the face for indications of health and wellbeing of a person. Often picking up slight imbalances in the body, which they treat with reflexology or manual pressure designed to promote an internal flow of energy that helps stimulate the natural processes of self-healing.  Work the zones for at least 15 minutes as often as you can (daily if possible), and in time to come, you should see an improvement in your skin and overall health. Find out what is causing those outbreaks in certain zones of your face now. Face mapping and reflexology are an effective way to diagnose and treat minor conditions, but always consult your health practitioner if you have grounds for serious concern



This area reflects the health of the intestines. Spots ad congestion may mean the colon is congested or being cleansed. Redness here may mean too much salt, red meat or dairy foods are being consumed (all of which are stimulating to the body). If the skin looks white, cut back on sugar and caffeine.


The liver is stimulated here. Tension or imbalance in this area is reflected in breakouts and premature wrinkles. Cut back on alcohol and preservatives.

ZONE 3 & 4

These areas reflect conditions in the kidneys (near the inner corners of the eyes) and the lungs (on the cheeks). Skin irritations or congestion around the cheeks or sides of the nose are linked to too much dairy in the diet.

ZONE 6, 7 & 8

The chin area forms the end of the T-zone and is the site of an abundance of sebaceous glands. For example, if your chin often gets quite congested with blackheads, it may result either from tensions in the pancreas (a vital organ of cleansing) or in the reproductive organs (typically, in this case, blackheads appear at either side of the mouth. In Chinese diagnosis, breakout here relate to the reproductive organs and hormonal fluctuation. Hormonal fluctuation can be due to stress, lack of sleep, late nights and heatiness. And if the skin around your eyes appears darker, you may have kidney problems. For women readers, the position of spots during menstruation is said to indicate from which side a woman is ovulating.


Pressure on the neck and thyroid area can boost your metabolism. Often neglected in skincare rituals, dry, crepey necks are common because there are few sebaceous glands in the neck. Now that you have learn about face mapping, avoid or intake those nutrition to better boost your skin complexion. In time to come, your complexion would be smooth and radiant.

Author: J.G
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