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Grooming & Style >> Should Men Trim Off Their Eyebrows

Should Men Trim Off Their Eyebrows?

Often through the media, we witness the male phenomena. Many male celebrities had their eyebrows trimmed. You would noticed that their eyebrows are incredibly neat and tidy. So here's the question. Should men trim their eyebrows like those male celebrities did? If so, to what extend should they trim their hairs.

In my opinion, men should trim their eyebrows. With proper trimming of the brows, this would widens the eye and make the man look more awake and fresh. But the catch is that there is a thin fine line between a men looking well-groomed and a men looking gay. There is an extent to which men eyebrows should be trimmed. It should not be too conspicuous or noticeable. Do take note that eyebrows that are trimmed too much tends to make the person look fierce. Hence, that is a big no-no.

In Japan, all the guys and men have their eyebrows trimmed. Some are more obvious while others are subtle. This is because in Japan, it is considered rude not to have the eyebrows trimmed for men. Japan places great emphasis on personal grooming even for men. Hence a man who does not trim his eyebrows shows that he does not care about his personal grooming. That is considered disrespectful to a certain extent.


There are some guys where they certainly do not need much eyebrows trimming. These are the guys with fine brows. They only need to remove the excess brows growth. However, those men with bushy thick eyebrows where the brows joints up at the middle looking like a cavemen is strongly recommended to go for a eyebrows trimmed session.

I had my eyebrows trimmed. But I clearly know the extend to which I should do it. Hence for those first timers men looking forward to have their eyebrows trimmed. Here are a few facts:

1) Leave it to the professionals. (Do not attempt to trim your eyebrows yourself.) Either find out from your peers where they have their eyebrows trimmed and ask for possible recommendations or you could try out any Beauty Salon.

2) Is it painful for first-timers? Ans: As the saying goes, "No pain, no gain." Ok, I am a little exaggerated. The pain if you would even consider it as pain would be very similar to ant bites. If you are lucky, some skilled eyebrows trimmer/plucker would pluck the eyebrows in the sprouting direction where you could feel no pain at all. Wish you luck!

3) It is always good to specify to the eyebrows trimmer to what extent you would want your eyebrows trimmed. Just like specifying the kind of hairstyle you would want when you visit a salon. Do expressed your concerns for overly-trimmed eyebrows to them. They would have a better gauge on how to shape your brows. As they are professionals, they would decide on the eyebrows shape that best suit your face.

4) Will the brows grow back? Ans: Eyebrows that are trimmed or shave will grow back. All the information about the length, color and thickness of the eyebrow is in the root. Trimming and shaving will leave the root intact. Plucking/tweezing the brows removes them from the root. This method will cause the brows to take a longer time to grow back. However, it has been proven that repeated plucking/tweezing will permanently curb the growth of the brows.

5) General idea of trimmed brows. Do take note that for men eyebrows, it should not arch too much. Arched eyebrows are for women. Men eyebrows should follow the general shape.

Trimming eyebrows is no longer a thing for the women. Men should have their eyebrows trimmed. It is only when a man bothers to groom himself well that he attracts the opposite sex. Think about it!

Author: Joel Guo
Copyright © 2008


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