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Diet & Health >> Too Much Sugar In Your Food?

Too Much Sugar In Your Food?

For many of us, sugar is an indispensable ingredient or food. Many cannot live without sugar in their food, especially those with a sweet tooth. Over indulgence and use of sugar is can become a compulsive habit for most people with addictions later in life. Simple sugar, or glucose, is what our body, cells, and brain need as fuel for energy. Some glucose is stored in our liver and muscle tissues as glycogen for future use; excess sugar is later stored as fat for use during periods of low-calorie intake or starvation.

Many nutritional practitioners feel that the high dosage of sugar in our diet is a great underlying cause of disease. Too much sweetener in any form can have an adverse effect on our health and well-being; this includes not only refined sugar, but also corn syrup, honey, fruit juices, and treats such as sodas, cakes and candies. Because sugary foods satisfy our hunger, they often substitutes more nutritious foods and weaken our tissue’s health and disease resistance.

Problems Related To Sugar Intake:

Tooth decay
Obesity and its increase risk of diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.
Nutritional deficiency – including anaemia, protein and mineral deficiencies.
Hypoglycemia and carbohydrate imbalance.
Chronic dyspepsia and digestive problems.
Immune dysfunction and problems such as recurrent infections
Menstrual irregularities & premenstrual symptoms (PMS) for women.
Yeast overgrowth and its many subsequent problems, including craving sweets and carbohydrates.
Hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating.
Alcoholism – a potential link as it is associated with hypoglycaemia and abnormal carbohydrate metabolism.
Mood swings, anxiety, depression.
Heart disease.

There is much evidence that eating too many sweets eventually causes disease. If these conditions occur in either your personal or family history, it is important to seriously consider a dietary change for your health’s sake.


Sugar Substances Added To Foods:

Corn syrup
Malt syrup
High-fructose corn syrup
Maple sugar
Artificial sweetener

Avoid Sugar Foods And Snacks:

White sugar
Soda pop
Ice cream
Jam & Jellies
Artificial juices
Corn syrup
Chewing gum
Sweetened drinks
Breakfast cereals
Mixed drinks

Hidden Sugar In Foods:

Baking mixes
Salad dressings
Luncheon meat
Canned fruits
Cheese dips
Peanut butter
Prepared seafood
Frozen vegetables
Tartar sauce
Sweetened yogurt

The idea here is not to completely ABSTAIN from sugary foods but to minimise its intake. There is no way I personally can completely avoid sugar intake, so learn to consume food with sugar content moderately. There are plenty of nutritious nibbles to replace sugary snacks or treats – see below for suggestions. We should clear our cupboards of unhealthy sweetened foods. Once sugar has been removed from the diet, it is still possible to use it once in awhile, as it is not as re-addicting as many stronger drugs. Most who have kicked the sugar habit find that they no longer tolerate sugar very well.

Good Foods To Replace Sugar Treats:

Dried mango
Mixed nuts
Vegetable sticks
Almond butter
sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Peanut butter
Protein smoothies

*Plain yogurt without the sweeteners is a healthy snack. Fresh fruit can be added along with seasonings such as vanilla, cinnamon, or nutmeg.

Sugar addiction is a common problem while sugar withdrawal is usually physically mild, with periodic strong cravings. For people who are sensitive to refined sugar or sweeteners, or who consume them in large amounts, genuine symptoms of abuse and withdrawal may occur. These include fatigue, anxiety and irritability, depression and detachment, rapid ear rate and palpitations, and poor sleep. Most symptoms, if they do occur, last only a few days.

Author: Joel Guo
Copyright © 2008


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